Support is available to Design Manager (DM) users via telephone, fax, and email. Support is available between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays or down time due to maintenance, loss of Internet, or loss of phone services out of DM’s control.   DM’s support e-mail is, support phone number is 215-345-0844, and fax number is 215-345-7243. DM’s telephone support is implemented using a computerized messaging system.   When a user calls and leaves a message for technical support, the call is then loaded into a queue of other telephone, email, and fax support incidents. Support calls are returned in a first-come-first-served basis unless the caller asks for a particular DM technical support technician or is calling in regard to an incident already under review by a particular DM support technician.   Response times will vary based on the time of day and the number of queued incidents. This system avoids the requirement of putting customers on hold for long periods and allows the DM staff to provide focused, high quality support. DM endeavors to respond within one hour or less to each phone message.

Support consists of answering questions concerning the use of Design Manager Software. Each support incident (whether via telephone or e-mail) is limited to one question or related issue. Support phone conversations can be limited by the technician to 30 minutes per incident or a maximum of 1 hour per day and a total of 3 hours per week. E-mails or telephone support that consists of multiple questions may count as multiple incidents…all or part of the additional incident or incidents may require a call back after being placed at the end of the queue. Clients who have had modifications or custom programming may experience delays in the support process as the technician must first familiarize themselves about the changes that were made to the software.
Technical Support or a Technical Support Incident is limited to questions pertaining only to the use and operation licensed Design Manager Software and is only available to the employees or a person employed by the Licensee. Technical support is not available for any products that have reached the end of the product life-cycle, which is 10 years from time that the software was first available for sale to customers. Technical support is not available to any customer who does not have an account in good standing (no overdue invoices owed to DM). Technical Support does not include help on accounting methods, consulting, custom programming, training, or training classes. The support technician cannot spend large quantities of time teaching the operation of the software. Any support that is not a question about a particular function or technical problem is considered training. Time spent on incidents that are deemed to be DM software related issues and through investigation turn out to be issues relating to software or hardware produced by other manufacturers are not covered under the DM support contract and will be billable at the current hourly rate (currently $140.00/hour).   All Technical Support given to a user who does not have a current support contract is billable regardless of problem, issue, or responsibility.  For the Monthly Payment Contract option, a year commitment is required but can be canceled any time after one year.
Additional charges may result from restoration of data, changing/resetting of passwords, or lost passwords. Technical Support prices and available times are subject to change at any time. Due to the significantly higher phone rates for clients located outside of the fifty United States, actual phone charges will be billed in addition to the hourly rate or contract amount of support. Design Manager is willing to try to help the client avoid these charges when possible by focusing on email support, using programs for VOIP such as Skype, and scheduling support calls where the client calls directly into our office at a specific time that is acceptable to both parties. Due to these alternative methods response time might increase.
Technical Support is included with an entire software purchase or software upgrade purchase. The term of the free technical support is two months and starts from the first call that is made from the company (licensee) or to four months from the purchase of the software, whichever comes first.
As of January 1, 2013 we have increased our prices due to several factors.  To start, Design Manager has not increased software prices in over 6 years so we had to progress with the industry and update our prices to cover our increasing costs.  We have had to bring on additional staff in order to properly support the desktop versions since the amount of resources necessary to support the myriad of operating systems and peripheral technologies has dramatically increased. Compounded with the additional complexities of working with third-party local support technicians, supporting the desktop version has become markedly more costly in the last five years. Conversely, when using our Design Manager Cloud, support is much more cost effective as we maintain all the hardware to ensure peak performance.
Technical Support Contracts are required for certain companies based on their size, software specifications and amount of custom programming.  If you fall into this category your Sales Representative will include the contract price on your quote.
These Technical Support Terms supersede all other written and oral proposals, purchase orders, prior agreements, and other communications between Customer and Design Manager concerning the subject matter hereof and constitutes the entire agreement between Design Manager and Customer regarding provision of Technical Support Services.
Paperwork-- keeping track of the minutiae inherent in design.  Thank heaven for Design Manager software program!
Jan Bast, ASID, IIDA
Excerpt from "Becoming an Interior Designer"
by Christine Piotrowski
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