Connect all parts of your firm's operations with Design Manager's advanced features.
These days, being a design firm often means more than just designing. You're likely holding inventory in multiple locations, stocking common items, and maybe even operating a showroom or storefront. Our advanced modules give you the ability to use a single system for all of the critical pieces of your business operations.
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Inventory Management
Barcodes, Scanners, and Data Collection
Point of Sale
Showroom Module

Inventory Management

If you've got inventory or stocked items, Design Manager can keep track of those goods even across multiple locations.
Inventory Tracking
Inventory Purchase Orders
Advanced Reporting
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Barcodes and Scanners

Our Data Collection module enables you to integrate barcode scanners and generate barcodes for your inventory directly from Design Manager, so you can keep a comprehensive view of your inventory.
Lots Tracking
Item and Pick Lists
Customers never have to leave the page to find an answer


Manage sales and orders directly from the showroom floor by seamlessly specifying customer jobs and orders. Generate quotes, purchase from vendors, and invoice clients instantly.
Custom Walk-in Sales
Delivery Tickets
Orders and Invoicing
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Point of Sale

Operate your retail location easily with Design Manager. Accept payments, track inventory in multiple locations, and track employees’ commissions with basic reporting to provide a paper trail for staff, clients, and vendors.
Multiple Location Management
Flexible Account Sales
Employee Tracking and Commissions

Manage your business more effectively with Design Manager.

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